7 Daily Tips for Living With COPD

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Written By Paige Greenfield Fowler on July 4, 2021
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    Easy Does It: Everyday Tips for Living With COPD
    Having COPD comes with a unique set of challenges. For instance, you may have trouble breathing if you exert yourself too much. But making some lifestyle changes can help you overcome these obstacles.
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    1. Remember your meds.
    Taking them as prescribed will help control your symptoms.
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    2. Take your time.
    As you go about your day, do activities slowly—walking from room to room, cleaning, preparing meals. This may help prevent aggravating symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.
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    3. Keep it within reach.
    Store items that you use on a daily basis, such as kitchen appliances, the remote control, and books and magazines, in places that are easy to reach. If needed, ask someone to help you move these objects to more convenient locations.
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    4. Wear loose clothing.
    Not only will this make it easier to breathe, loose clothes are easier to put on and take off. In addition, buy shoes, such as slip-ons, that you can put on and take off without too much effort.
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    5. Use household gadgets.
    You can find tools in medical supply stores that make daily activities easier to do. For instance, tongs with long handles can make it easier to reach things. Move objects around the house on a cart with wheels instead of carrying them.
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    6. Ask for help.
    Don't try to do everything yourself. Asking a friend or family member to get something you need reduces the number of trips you take up and down the stairs. If possible, you may want to look into hiring help with cooking, cleaning, and other household chores.
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    7. Prepare for travel.
    If you use oxygen therapy and are planning a trip, contact the airline or bus company to find out their specific rules when it comes to traveling with portable oxygen units. Different carriers may have different guidelines.
7 Daily Tips for Living With COPD

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